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Dropped out of harvard and did not finish their studies

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Company Name Website Reason
Darsel Darsel emerged from research at Harvard and Stanford, indicating founders' association with these institutions, but no explicit mention of dropping out.
UpEquity UpEquity was founded by Tim Herman and Louis Wilson while they were attending Harvard Business School, indicating they were Harvard students prior to starting the company.
SuperKalam Vimal Singh Rathore, a founder of SuperKalam, is described as a PhD. dropout from Delhi University, matching the query criteria of having dropped out and not finished their studies.
Legalist Eva Shang, co-founder of Legalist, dropped out of Harvard to start the company.
SOTERI SKIN The founder, Rafal Pielak, a Harvard BioMedical PhD, incubated Soteri Skin at the Harvard Innovation Lab, indicating he was affiliated with Harvard but does not confirm dropping out or not finishing studies.
Openlayer Gustavo Cid Ornelas, a founding engineer at Openlayer, is described as a 'Duke PhD dropout' on the company's team page.