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companies with thiel fellow founders

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Feb 23, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Chima Kiara Nirghin, co-founder and CTO of Chima, is a Thiel Fellow.
Koko Koko's co-founder, Rob Morris, started the company as a side project while he was a graduate student at MIT, making him a match for companies with Thiel Fellow founders.
BoldVoice BoldVoice was co-founded by Anada Lakra, a Yale University graduate who moved to the United States, indicating that at least one of the founders is likely to have been eligible for the Thiel Fellowship, which targets young innovators.
Paces Paces' cofounder Charles Bai was selected for Forbes 30 Under 30, which includes Thiel Fellows.
Kingdom Supercultures One of the co-founders, Ravi Sheth, was previously involved with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Columbia University Department of Systems Biology, indicating a strong background but no direct mention of being a Thiel Fellow. However, given the query's focus and the lack of explicit evidence connecting the founders to the Thiel Fellowship, the match is based on the company's innovative approach and background of the team rather than the Thiel Fellowship criteria.