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companies with no technical founders

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Feb 23, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Circular The founders have backgrounds in fintech, consumer marketplaces, logistics, and software development, indicating technical expertise.
Verdn Verdn's founders, Chris and Rory, have technical and green-tech backgrounds, making them technical founders.
Marathon Education One of the founders, Tung, is described as a serial tech entrepreneur, indicating a technical background.
Pina Earth The founders have expertise in sustainability science, software engineering, and machine learning, indicating technical backgrounds.
Origami Therapeutics, Inc. The founder, Beth Hoffman, has a background in drug discovery and biology, indicating a technical foundation.
RTHM The RTHM founding team includes individuals with technical backgrounds in medicine and science, indicating the company does not match the query for companies with no technical founders.
Jutsoo The founders are described as experienced engineers, indicating a technical background.