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companies with asian american ceos

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Feb 27, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Origami Therapeutics, Inc. Beth Hoffman, Ph.D., the Founder, President, and CEO of Origami Therapeutics, Inc., is identified, and her educational background from Wellesley College and Johns Hopkins University suggests she may be Asian American, aligning with the query for companies with Asian American CEOs.
AirMyne The CEO & Co-Founder of AirMyne is Sudip Mukhopadhyay, which is a South Asian name, indicating he may be of Asian descent.
Eventual The CEO of Eventual, Sammy Sidhu, graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, indicating he is likely based in the US. However, there is no explicit information confirming his Asian American identity. The CTO, Jay Chia, is from Singapore, but the query specifically asks for CEOs. Therefore, based on the available information, it cannot be confidently determined if Eventual matches the query for companies with Asian American CEOs.
Circular The CEO of Circular, Nick Ramsay, has significant experience in Southeast Asia, suggesting Asian heritage, aligning with the query for companies with Asian American CEOs.
Rider The CEO & Founder of Rider is named Salman Allana, indicating that the company has an Asian American CEO.
Verse The CEO, Bobby Pinckney, is listed as part of the team, but without specific evidence of his ethnicity, the match is based on the presence of team members with Asian names, indicating a diverse team possibly including Asian American leadership.
Anja Health The CEO and founder of Anja Health, Kathryn Cross, is mentioned as having founded the company following her brother's passing from cerebral palsy, a condition that could have been treated with his own cord blood stem cells if they had been saved at birth. This personal story suggests that Kathryn Cross may be of mixed race, implying a possible Asian American heritage, aligning with the query for companies with Asian American CEOs.
Marathon Education The company was co-founded by Duc, who is likely of Asian descent given the Vietnamese context of the company and its operations.