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Companies which make AI-powered chatbots

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Mar 5, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Sentiyen Sentiyen builds GPT-based AI assistants, which are AI-powered chatbots designed for 24/7 interaction with users.
DailyBot DailyBot provides a ChatGPT assistant and AI Workflows tool, making it an AI-powered chatbot company.
Writesonic Writesonic offers a 'No-code AI Chatbot Builder' named Botsonic for creating AI chatbots, as detailed on their website. develops an AI-powered assistant for customer support, which includes features like automating responses, assisting agents, and handling inquiries across various channels, aligning with the query for companies making AI-powered chatbots.
Automat Automat uses AI, including large language models and computer vision, to enable robotic process automation (RPA), which includes capabilities such as document extraction and AI copilots, aligning with the query for AI-powered chatbots.
Rex Rex offers a nutrition chatbot that utilizes AI for food logging through natural language processing, aligning with the query for companies making AI-powered chatbots.
Wild Moose Wild Moose provides a conversational AI, trained on an environment's observability data, to help developers identify the source of production incidents, which qualifies as an AI-powered chatbot.
OfOne OfOne develops AI-powered chatbots specifically for automating order taking at fast-food drive-thrus, using conversational AI.
Univerbal (formerly Quazel) Univerbal uses AI to create dynamic, conversational language learning experiences, acting as an AI-powered chatbot tutor.
SynthCall SynthCall creates conversational bots for outbound and inbound phone calls, indicating they make AI-powered chatbots.
Humanly Humanly provides AI-powered chatbots for hiring, including screening, scheduling, and engagement, as detailed on their website.
Ello Ello develops an AI-powered reading coach app, using proprietary Adaptive Learn™ technology to provide personalized reading assistance and motivation for children, aligning with the query for companies making AI-powered chatbots.