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companies where the founders went to UT Dallas

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Feb 23, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Anja Health Kathryn Cross, the founder of Anja Health, founded the company after her brother, who had cerebral palsy, could not find a stem cell match due to being of mixed race. This personal connection to healthcare and stem cell banking is highlighted on the company's 'About Us' page, indicating her direct involvement and leadership in the company.
Flightcontrol The co-founders of Flightcontrol, Brandon Bayer and Mina Abadir, are mentioned but their educational backgrounds are not specified, making it impossible to determine if they attended UT Dallas.
BoldVoice The founders of BoldVoice, Anada Lakra and Ilya Usorov, went to the United States for their education, with Lakra attending Yale University. However, there is no mention of them attending UT Dallas.
Pipekit One of the founders of Pipekit, as mentioned on their 'About' page, is J.P. Zivalich who maintained Docker's image build pipelines and Caelan Urquhart who faced challenges in data pipeline scaling at Kite, indicating their involvement in tech and entrepreneurship prior to founding Pipekit. However, there's no direct mention of them attending UT Dallas, making it unclear if this specific criterion is met.
Betterhalf The founders of Betterhalf, Pawan Gupta and Rahul Namdev, are MIT alumni, not UT Dallas alumni.
Emerge Tools One of the founders mentioned on the careers page, Noah Martin, is known to have attended UT Dallas.
Muffin Data The founder, Andrés Recalde, is mentioned in the 'About Us' section, but there is no information provided about his educational background or connection to UT Dallas.
Fluid Markets Founders Kenneth Book, Benjamin Litvin, and Ari Wax have backgrounds in derivatives and securitization investment banking at Goldman Sachs and Barclays, but no direct mention of UT Dallas. However, the query's focus was on companies where founders went to UT Dallas, and this information is not provided in the available data.
Fini Fini was founded by Deepak Singla and Hakim Khalafi, and Deepak Singla's LinkedIn profile indicates he attended UT Dallas.
Infield One of the founders, Steve Pike, is listed on the 'About Us' page, but no information about their education or connection to UT Dallas is provided. However, without explicit confirmation of a founder's education background linking to UT Dallas, we cannot confidently assert a match based solely on the provided data.
Logarithm Labs Founders Avishek Panigrahi and Puneet Jagralapudi started Logarithm Labs, as mentioned on their About Us page.