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companies where none of the founders of technical backgrounds

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Feb 23, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Pina Earth The founders have expertise in sustainability science, software engineering, and machine learning, indicating technical backgrounds.
AirMyne The founders, Sudip Mukhopadhyay and Mark Cyffka, have backgrounds in engineering and science, indicating technical backgrounds.
Jutsoo The About page states Jutsoo was founded by experienced engineers, indicating the founders have technical backgrounds.
Verse One of the co-founders, Michelle Yin, is listed as the CTO, indicating a technical background.
Better Opinions Founders have technical backgrounds (IITs, IIMs, NLUs).
SaveIN The Chief Technology Officer, Sagar Chauhan, indicates a technical background among the founders.
Origami Therapeutics, Inc. The founder, Beth Hoffman, has a technical background with a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Johns Hopkins University and extensive experience in CNS drug discovery.
Verdn Both founders, Chris and Rory, have technical backgrounds. Rory is a full stack developer and designer with 10 years' experience, and Chris has experience within ESG and green energy.
Arintra Both founders of Arintra have PhDs in AI, significant ML and NLP experience, indicating strong technical backgrounds.
SOTERI SKIN The company was incubated at the Harvard Innovation Lab by Rafal Pielak, a Harvard Medical School PhD, indicating a founder with a technical background.
Cotera Founders have technical backgrounds (Founding Engineer, Founding Data Scientist).