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Companies that haven’t raised any money but are making a lot of money

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Feb 23, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Kashin Kashin has nearly $2M in annualized revenue without any mention of external fundraising.
Portão 3 Portão 3 has grown bootstrapped from the beginning, indicating it hasn't raised money, and it has transacted over 500 million reais, suggesting it is making a lot of money.
Cero Cero bootstrapped the company and is profitable without having raised any money, with $97K in monthly revenue as of August 2021.
Aurabeat Aurabeat is described as a profitable company, indicating it is making money, and there is no mention of fundraising, suggesting it hasn't raised any money.
Safer Management Safer Management is profitable with annual recurring revenue of $621,000 and has not mentioned raising any money.
Anakin Anakin is profitable and growing without any mention of raising money, indicating they match the query criteria.
Taiv Taiv generates revenue through ad sales and shares profits with venues, indicating it makes money without needing to raise funds.
Eat Blueprint Eat Blueprint has demonstrated significant revenue generation from sales, as evidenced by making $1000 within minutes and orders for 230 meals by the end of the day, without any mention of external fundraising.
Cash Flow Portal Cash Flow Portal has a 6-figure ARR and is growing quickly without mention of raising external funding.
Swishjam Swishjam offers a free tier and generates revenue through paid subscriptions, indicating it is making money without explicit mention of external fundraising.
Chow Central Inc Chow Central Inc is making $105K monthly revenue with 30% gross margins and there's no mention of raising money.
Key Values Key Values is self-funded, indicating it hasn't raised money, and its operational model suggests it is generating revenue.
Instrumentl Instrumentl is cash flow positive and has shown >100% YoY growth without mention of external funding.
ProjectPro ProjectPro offers a wide range of end-to-end project templates in Big Data and Data Science, which are designed to solve real-world business problems. This matches the query as it indicates the company is generating revenue through its platform by providing practical, industry-relevant projects and mentorship, without necessarily needing to raise external funding.
Tremendous Tremendous is described as 'VC-free', indicating it hasn't raised money from venture capital and operates profitably.
Recurse Center Recurse Center operates a self-directed educational retreat without charging participants, funding its operations through a recruiting agency, indicating it has not raised money in the traditional sense but is financially sustainable.