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companies that have state and local government contracts

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Mar 5, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Forage Forage partners directly with the USDA, a federal government agency, to process EBT SNAP payments online, indicating involvement in government contracts.
HEO Robotics HEO Robotics partners with governments and defense around the world, including the US and UK governments.
Sitenna Sitenna was selected as the leading software vendor to a UK government sponsored infrastructure project.
Litnerd Litnerd is a contracted vendor with the New York City Department of Education, indicating it has state or local government contracts.
Odys Aviation Odys Aviation has won two USAF Agility Prime contracts, indicating they have contracts with the federal government.
Govdash Govdash provides a platform that identifies and delivers relevant contract solicitations, specifically designed to assist in winning government contracts by generating proposals, ensuring it matches the query for companies with state and local government contracts.
Recover Recover partners with local governments to provide addiction treatment, as stated on their website.
Pagaloop Pagaloop's description mentions partnerships with federal/local governments, indicating they have contracts with state and local government.
Aurabeat Aurabeat has contracts with state and local government buildings, evidenced by their deployment in government buildings and vehicles, including the Electrical and Mechanical Services and the Hong Kong Legislative Council Building.