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companies that have state and local contracts but NOT federal contracts

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Company Name Website Reason
Liv Labs Liv Labs has received NIH and NSF grants, which are federal agencies, indicating they have federal contracts.
Litnerd Litnerd is a contracted vendor with the New York City Department of Education, indicating it has state or local contracts, and there is no mention of federal contracts.
Recover Recover partners with local governments and does not mention federal contracts, aligning with the query criteria.
Recidiviz Recidiviz partners with state criminal justice agencies, indicating state contracts, but there's no specific mention of federal contracts.
AmpUp AmpUp provides EV charging solutions for municipalities and education, indicating state and local contracts, with no mention of federal contracts.
Emerge Career Emerge Career has state and local contracts, as evidenced by their work with Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, and Massachusetts, and there is no mention of federal contracts.