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Companies that are going viral on tiktok

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Feb 23, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Uberduck Uberduck's technology has been used in viral marketing campaigns and their AI voice and music generation tools have the potential to create content that could go viral on platforms like TikTok.
Gym Class - by IRL Studios Gym Class by IRL Studios has gained significant popularity and support, indicated by its status as the #1 most played sports game on Quest and its successful funding from top investors, suggesting viral growth which is often showcased on platforms like TikTok.
bipi Bipi offers access to hundreds of viral products for reselling, indicating it has products that are currently popular or trending, which could include those going viral on TikTok. is designed for video creators on platforms including TikTok, making it relevant for those going viral on TikTok.
LifeAt LifeAt has over 500K+ followers across TikTok, indicating significant social media presence and potential viral status.