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companies providing page builder for Shopify

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Mar 30, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Customily Customily offers a design tool that integrates with Shopify, allowing e-commerce stores to sell personalized products.
ZOKO Zoko integrates with Shopify to automate WhatsApp sales and customer support, effectively acting as a tool to enhance Shopify merchants' capabilities on WhatsApp.
Rutter Rutter provides a Commerce API that integrates with Shopify, enabling access to orders, transactions, customer, and product information.
Perfect Audience Perfect Audience offers Shopify retargeting, integrating storefront with retargeting efforts.
Nextstore Nextstore offers a mobile-native website builder optimized for Shopify.
Whalesync Whalesync offers integration with Shopify, enabling data syncing capabilities for e-commerce platforms, which includes page builder functionalities for Shopify stores.
Mailmodo Mailmodo offers a Shopify Email Marketing solution to drive sales with interactive emails at all stages of the buyer journey, indicating they provide a page builder for Shopify.
Replo Replo is explicitly described as a leading landing page builder for Shopify, offering ultra-customizable pages for ecommerce teams directly integrated with Shopify.
Shopify Shopify directly offers a page builder as part of its services, allowing users to create and customize their online storefronts without needing coding expertise.
RootFi RootFi offers a Unified API that integrates with Shopify, as listed among their e-commerce platform integrations.
Shogun Shogun offers a page builder for Shopify, as detailed on their website.
Zapier Zapier offers 'Interfaces' which allow users to design forms, web pages, and basic apps to power their business workflows without coding, suitable for creating a page builder for Shopify.
Instant Commerce Instant Commerce offers a no-code, all-visual landing page builder specifically for Shopify, as detailed on their website.
Stackbit Stackbit lists Shopify as one of the content sources it integrates with, indicating it can be used to build pages for Shopify.
Clutch's website mentions it allows for the creation of websites that can connect to any backend, including Shopify, making it a match for providing a page builder for Shopify.
Netomi Netomi integrates with Shopify, offering AI-driven customer service solutions for eCommerce platforms.
Branch8 Branch8 builds and enhances e-commerce websites for brands on Shopify, indicating they provide page builder services for Shopify.
HitPay HitPay offers a free website builder as part of its all-in-one payment processing platform for SMBs, which can be integrated with Shopify.
Flex Flex offers a Shopify Payment App, allowing merchants to accept HSA/FSA payments directly in the Shopify checkout flow.