Join the crew

We're crafting a research engine for companies and individuals. We're three co-founders, each with a history of starting companies. We've secured $8 million in funding from investors such as Daniel Gross and Felicis Ventures. Join us and help shape the future of knowledge discovery.

How we work

Our entire team is fractional and globally distributed. We have zero planned meetings. We mostly hire engineers and designers. We're arranged into backend, frontend, and research crews.

We build using Ruby on Rails, and have a fairly sophisticated jobs and analysis system. We use AI extensively throughout our product - making upwards of a million requests to OpenAI per day.

Every week, we write a brief about what everybody will work on that week. The backend crew works on kanban with assigned tickets. The frontend crew works on a modified Shape Up, with one-week cycles and each designer working directly with one engineer. The research crew tends to focus on more long-running and experimental work. We keep discussions async - mostly in Github, Booklet, Loom, or Slack.

We operate with a fairly flat hierarchy and operate with high trust of each other. The code, copy, or designs you make will often go straight to production with little discussion or modification. Everybody is welcome to give their opinions, inputs, and ideas on the product.

You're a good fit for Find AI if you could have gone into management at a traditional company, but decided to pursue mastery and autonomy instead. We look for people who love their work so much that they do it in their free time - maintaining open-source, writing books, hosting a podcast, etc.

Our style of work isn't for everybody. You have a lot of freedom in how to work, but not a lot of freedom in what to work on. There isn't much mentorship, community, or discussion. If you need help, we're quick to respond and help - but if we don't hear from you, we assume things are going well.

Team principles

Mostly Async: No recurring meeting. Keep most communication written. But, if we need to meet, we can.

"Lateral thinking with withered technology": Stick to a core set of well-known tools and libraries. Don't over-complicate things.

Make decisions and communicate them. Avoid getting blocked waiting on others.

Design principles

Fixed-time, variable scope: We operate on a modified Shape-Up for frontend. We currently run a 1-week cycle, but could change it. Every cycle, you get a “Brief” of what to work on, then you have one week of time budget to work on that. At the end of the cycle, we move onto another brief. (We might choose to continue a previous brief, but there's no default assumption of more time.)

Designers as PMs: We run the "frontend crew", 1 designer + 1 engineer. The designer and engineer work together to design, build, and ship during the cycle. In this format, the product designer works closely with the engineer and controls the product management - adjusting designs based on implementation feedback + pace.

Engineering principles

Commit code daily: Please commit code every day and open it as a draft PR, even if it's not ready. If you push work every day and keep Linear up-to-date, then nobody has to ask what you're up to. It's ok to commit broken or non-functional code.

Kaizen: Feel free to improve the repo progressively as you work. Add in gems and new patterns as you feel like they make sense. It's ok to submit PRs that don't have a ticket.

Leave things better than we found them: Every app has tech debt. Our philosophy is to resolve tech debt while working on a related feature. So, if you want to implement a new pattern for Services, then make that change while working on a Services-related ticket (such as when you need to add a new service). That way, we're always making forward progress for users, and we are minimizing context shifts. Avoid tickets that only resolve tech debt, unless it impacts users or security.


We set the below pay-rates as non-negotiable.

We are quick to hire, and prefer doing a trial instead of interviewing. We start with a trial of about a month. After a trial, we will treat the relationship as ongoing, and give two weeks notice if we want to wind down the relationship. People who believe they have Senior-level experience need to do a trial at lower pay for about a month before getting Senior-level pay.

Roles are Fractional, meaning that they are ongoing, paid hourly, and limited to 20 hours per week of work. You're welcome to take any time off you want - we just request that you communicate. All roles are structured as independent contractors.

Role Cash pay
Fractional Engineer $100/hr
Fractional Senior Engineer $150/hr
Fractional Product Designer $90/hr
Fractional Snr Product Designer $140/hr

At the end of every calendar year, if you earned more than $30k USD from Find AI, you'll be eligible for stock options proportional to 10% of your billable amount for that year. We will finalize specific details when we make these first grants.

How to apply

We're always looking for talented people interested in joining our team, and hire on a rolling basis. If you're interested, send an email to with a pitch.

We're mostly hiring fractional engineers and designers, but are open to pitches for other work (either fractional or project-based).

Open roles