ZeusCloud offers an open-source cloud security platform designed to discover, prioritize, and remediate risks in cloud infrastructure. Their service provides security and DevOps teams with comprehensive visibility into Identity and Access Management (IAM) relationships. The platform helps secure cloud environments from initial setup through post-deployment stages. One of ZeusCloud's primary features is the Access Explorer, a graphical interface that details access relationships between AWS identities and AWS resources. This tool helps visualize which IAM roles and users can perform specific actions like s3:GetObject, considering elements like S3 bucket policies and IAM policies.


ZeusCloud's primary product is their cloud security platform, which includes several key features for enhancing cloud infrastructure security. The Access Explorer is a notable feature that aids in understanding and managing access relationships between AWS identities and resources. This tool provides insights into who can perform certain actions and the associated policies. Additional features focus on protecting sensitive S3 data and limiting over-permissive roles attached to publicly exposed compute instances. ZeusCloud's platform also supports compliance reporting for standards such as PCI DSS, SOC 2, and CIS, making it a robust solution for meeting regulatory requirements.


ZeusCloud, previously known by the names 'Resolutely' and 'Iron Leap,' emerged from the Winter 2022 batch of Y-Combinator. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA, and operates primarily within the United States and Canada. Their focus is on B2B operations, particularly targeting security and DevOps teams responsible for managing and securing cloud infrastructures. The team at ZeusCloud is composed of two members, who have developed their platform to cater to the complex needs of businesses looking to secure their cloud environments.

Compliance and Reporting

ZeusCloud's platform is built to support compliance reporting for various industry standards, including PCI DSS, SOC 2, and CIS. This feature ensures that organizations can meet their regulatory requirements while using ZeusCloud's tools. The compliance reporting capabilities provide organizations with the necessary documentation and frameworks to adhere to these standards, helping to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining secure and compliant cloud environments.

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ZeusCloud Employees

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