Meghan Dear

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About Meghan Dear

Meghan Dear is the Chief Operations Officer at Wyvern, a company based in Edmonton, Canada, specializing in high-resolution hyperspectral imaging from space to address global challenges like climate change.

Known information

Meghan Dear serves as the Chief Operations Officer at Wyvern, a company located in Edmonton, Canada. Wyvern is at the forefront of the aerospace industry, focusing on providing high-quality, high-resolution hyperspectral imaging data from space. This data is crucial for chemical fingerprinting of Earth’s surface, aiding in various geospatial analyses. Under her leadership, the company has successfully launched three satellites, Dragonette-001, Dragonette-002, and Dragonette-003, as part of its Dragonette constellation, which collects 5.3-metre hyperspectral imaging data from low earth orbit. Plans are underway to expand this constellation with a fourth satellite scheduled for launch in 2024. Wyvern employs advanced deployable optics technology to enhance both image resolution and quality, ensuring the data delivered is in an analysis-ready format for ease of use across different systems and environments. The company is platform and cloud agnostic, which facilitates the integration of its hyperspectral data into various customer systems without the need for significant platform investments or changes in cloud service providers. Wyvern offers two types of licenses for data usage: for internal and public use, emphasizing its role as a reliable and affordable provider of high-quality data solutions. Meghan Dear is also active on professional social networks, including LinkedIn and Twitter, engaging with the community and stakeholders.

About Wyvern

Wyvern, based in Edmonton, Canada, specializes in high-resolution hyperspectral imaging for Earth's surface analysis, utilizing its Dragonette constellation for data collection.

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