Christine Tovee

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Christine Tovee, based in Edmonton, Canada, is the Chief Technology Officer at Wyvern, a company specializing in high-resolution hyperspectral imaging from space.

Christine Tovee CTO at Wyvern

Christine Tovee holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Wyvern, a company based in Edmonton, Canada. As CTO, Christine plays a crucial role in overseeing and guiding the technological aspects of Wyvern's mission to provide high-resolution hyperspectral imaging from space. The company focuses on leveraging advanced technology to offer precision and accuracy in chemical fingerprinting of Earth’s surface. Wyvern is dedicated to producing high-quality hyperspectral data, which is designed to help various industries address global challenges.

Wyvern's Dragonette Constellation Hyperspectral Imaging Satellites

Christine Tovee is part of the leadership team at Wyvern, a company developing the Dragonette constellation for hyperspectral imaging from low earth orbit. The constellation will include four high-resolution hyperspectral satellites, with Dragonette-001 and Dragonette-002 already launched in the first half of 2023, and Dragonette-003 also part of the initial deployment phase. The full constellation is expected to be operational by 2024. These satellites are designed to capture 5.3-metre hyperspectral imaging data, providing unprecedented levels of detail and precision.

Deployable Optics for Ultra-High Resolution Imagery

At Wyvern, Christine Tovee is heavily involved in developing deployable optics technology. This innovative approach is aimed at capturing ultra-high resolution hyperspectral images from space. Deployable optics enhance the capabilities of constellation satellites, allowing for more detailed and accurate data collection. This technology is a fundamental part of Wyvern's offering, enabling advanced chemical fingerprinting of the Earth’s surface and enhancing the precision of hyperspectral imagery.

Applications of Hyperspectral Data at Wyvern

Wyvern’s hyperspectral imaging technology, which Christine Tovee significantly contributes to, addresses a range of global challenges. The company's data products are designed to support industries faced with issues in climate change, agriculture, forestry, mining, and defense. By providing high-resolution, accurate hyperspectral imagery, Wyvern aids in improved decision-making and resource management. The platform and cloud-agnostic approach ensures versatility and ease of integration for organizations utilizing this data.

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