Yanis Habtoun

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About Yanis Habtoun

Yanis Habtoun is a Data Engineer working within a global, diverse team focused on genomics, data science, and computational biology to improve patient therapies.

Known information

Yanis Habtoun serves as a Data Engineer, collaborating with a multifaceted team composed of experts in genomics, data science, and computational biology. This team, celebrated for its diversity and global representation, harnesses their varied backgrounds and expertise to drive advancements in therapeutic solutions for patients. The collective effort and shared passion for enhancing patient care underline the team’s commitment to leveraging their differences as strengths and fostering an environment where innovative healthcare solutions can thrive.

About WhiteLab Genomics

WhiteLab Genomics, based in Paris and Boston, is a healthcare company specializing in the discovery and delivery of genomic therapies using AI to accelerate development in the field.

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