Natasha Liu

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Natasha Liu serves as the Talent Acquisition & Development - Employer Brand Manager, focusing on enhancing the company's reputation to attract and retain top talent.

Title: Talent Acquisition & Development - Employer Brand Manager

Natasha Liu holds the position of Talent Acquisition & Development - Employer Brand Manager. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the recruitment process, developing talent, and managing the company's employer brand. Her duties likely involve creating strategies to attract top talent, enhancing the company's public image as a desirable workplace, and ensuring that hiring processes are efficient and effective.


Natasha Liu's background includes expertise in both talent acquisition and development. Her role as an Employer Brand Manager indicates a strong understanding of how to market the company's brand to potential employees. Her background may encompass experience in human resources, marketing, or a related field, providing her with the skills necessary to build and maintain a compelling employer brand.

Employer Brand Management

As the Employer Brand Manager, Natasha Liu is tasked with shaping and promoting the company's employer brand. This includes crafting compelling messaging about the company’s culture, values, and benefits to attract and retain high-quality candidates. Her responsibilities may also involve collaborating with marketing and HR teams to ensure consistency in branding across all platforms.

Talent Acquisition and Development

In her role, Natasha Liu focuses on talent acquisition and development. She likely designs and implements recruitment strategies, identifies skills gaps, and works to fill those gaps with qualified candidates. Additionally, she may develop training programs to nurture and advance the skills of existing employees, thereby ensuring the growth and success of the workforce.

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