WeReno offers a suite of services aimed at transforming the home improvement and construction sector. The company utilizes a cutting-edge AI platform to tackle issues such as delays and cost overruns in construction projects. By providing data-driven insights, WeReno ensures meticulous planning and resource allocation. The platform automates subcontractor appointments and equips them with spend cards, promoting a dynamic gig economy. WeReno's services cover both residential and commercial sectors, with projects guaranteed to be delivered on time and within budget. The company offers up to a 5-year workmanship warranty on all projects, aiding in material selection, global support, and secure payments through its platform.


WeReno is headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada, with additional offices located in Los Angeles, USA. The company operates in regions including Canada and America, offering remote and partly remote services. This geographical flexibility allows WeReno to serve a broad customer base effectively while maintaining a robust presence in significant markets.

Industry and Sub-Industry

WeReno operates within the Real Estate and Construction industry, with a specific focus on the Construction sub-industry. The company's innovative use of technology places it at the forefront of modernizing construction practices, reducing delays, and ensuring budget adherence. WeReno's commitment to efficiency and quality makes it a notable player in this sector.

Y-Combinator W22 Batch

WeReno was part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch, which signifies its recognition and support by one of the most prestigious startup accelerators. Being included in the Y-Combinator program provided WeReno with opportunities for mentorship, funding, and networking, aiding in its growth and development within the competitive startup ecosystem.

Regional Services

WeReno provides its services across the USA and Canada, leveraging its locations in Toronto and Los Angeles to cater to these markets. The company's platform supports easy material selection, global customer support, and secure payments, making it accessible and reliable for both residential and commercial construction projects. This regional versatility allows WeReno to address diverse market needs effectively.

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