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Company History

Vessel, formerly known as Kin Finance and Kinit, is a company based in San Francisco, CA, USA with a fully remote team. The company was part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch. Vessel specializes in providing a developer-first, native integration platform for GTM tools, focusing on the B2B sector, specifically in Engineering, Product, and Design.


Vessel offers a wide range of services centered around integrations for GTM tools. These include Unified APIs, Action APIs, and ETL services. The Unified APIs facilitate rapid rollout of multiple integrations via a common data model and unified interface. The Action APIs help build deeper integrations with custom entities specific to each app. Additionally, the ETL services handle the extraction, transformation, and loading of customer data to databases. Vessel supports any integrations through an open-source integrations library and offers a flexible platform to power all customer-facing integrations.

Pricing Tiers

Vessel offers multiple pricing tiers to accommodate various business needs. The 'Start' tier is free and includes Unified APIs, Action APIs, unlimited API calls, and up to 5 free development connections. The 'Launch' tier is customized for businesses, offering Unified APIs, Action APIs, email support, unlimited API calls, and a maximum of 20 connections. The 'Custom' tier is tailored for businesses and features whitelabeling, Unified APIs, Action APIs, Slack support, prioritized feature requests and integrations, and an unlimited number of connections.

Customer Integrations

Vessel provides integration with various GTM tools such as CRMs, Sales Engagement, Marketing Automation, Chat, and Dialers. Its platform is trusted by numerous companies globally, including Tackle, Corporate Merch, Forge, Atlas Authority, and Syft. Vessel’s solutions enable these companies to streamline and enhance their integration processes, offering a more unified and efficient approach to data management and customer interaction.

Blog and Resources

Vessel publishes a blog that covers a variety of topics, including the future of integrations, best practices for building integrations, and strategies for leveraging Vessel to accelerate integration roadmaps. The blog serves as a resource for companies looking to optimize their integration workflows and stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in the field.

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