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Company Overview

Verdn is an active climate-focused company based in London, England, United Kingdom. Operating in the Industrials and Climate sub-industries, Verdn aims to combat global ecosystem collapse by providing tools that make sustainability profitable for companies and their end-customers. As part of the Y Combinator batch W22, the company focuses on enabling businesses to contribute to ecosystem restoration projects.


Verdn offers a climate-impact API that allows companies to direct a portion of their sales towards restoring ecosystems. This service includes features such as tracking dashboards that enable end-customers to monitor the positive impacts their purchases are making in real-time. Through these tools, Verdn aims to increase customer engagement and facilitate corporate sustainability efforts.

Impact and Achievements

Since its inception, Verdn has made significant strides in ecosystem restoration. The company has successfully planted 1,500,000 trees, recovered 400,000 kg of ocean-bound plastic, and restored 150 m2 of coral reef. These contributions reflect Verdn's commitment to making a tangible impact on the environment while supporting corporate sustainability initiatives.

Customer Engagement

Verdn boasts over 100 paying customers who have benefitted from its innovative sustainability tools. Companies using Verdn's services have reported a 10x boost in customer engagement, showcasing the effectiveness of their climate-impact API and tracking dashboards. Through these solutions, businesses can foster deeper connections with their customers by enabling them to directly track the environmental impact of their purchases.

Geographical Scope

Verdn serves a broad geographical area that includes the United Kingdom and Europe. By focusing on these regions, Verdn leverages its London-based operations to broaden its impact across Europe, helping a diverse range of companies integrate sustainability into their business models.

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