Josh Dzime-Assison

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Josh Dzime-Assison, CMO at Vendoo, has a diverse background in marketing and fashion, including experience as an image consultant and sneaker store owner.


Josh Dzime-Assison holds the title of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Full-Time Reseller Experience

Josh Dzime-Assison has been a full-time reseller for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in the resale market, which involves buying and selling products for a profit. This long-term engagement in the industry has likely provided him with considerable insight and expertise in market trends, customer behavior, and effective sales strategies.

Sneaker Store Entrepreneur

At age 20, Josh Dzime-Assison opened his own sneaker store. This early entrepreneurial venture highlights his business acumen and ability to identify lucrative market opportunities. Running a sneaker store requires a deep understanding of inventory management, customer service, and retail operations.

Image Consultant for Musicians and Athletes

Josh Dzime-Assison worked as an image consultant for numerous musicians and professional athletes. In this role, he would have been responsible for helping clients enhance their public image and brand perception. This involves advising on fashion choices, personal branding, and overall image strategy.

Growth Marketing Leadership at Vendoo

Josh Dzime-Assison is currently leading the Growth Marketing team at Vendoo. In this capacity, he is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to drive user acquisition, engagement, and retention. His role likely involves analyzing market trends, overseeing marketing campaigns, and optimizing user experience to foster company growth.

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