Chris Amador

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Chris Amador is the CTO and a co-founder of Vendoo, where he also leads the Product team.

CTO Chris Amador

Chris Amador currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Vendoo. In this role, Chris oversees the technological strategy and overall direction of the company's tech initiatives. As one of the key leaders of the organization, Chris ensures that Vendoo stays ahead in the rapidly evolving software development landscape.

Co-Founder of Vendoo

Chris Amador is one of the co-founders of Vendoo, a company known for its innovative solutions in the software industry. As a co-founder, Chris played a pivotal role in establishing the company and shaping its foundational vision. Vendoo has grown under his leadership and continues to be a significant player in its market.

Experienced Software Developer and Designer

With over a decade of experience, Chris Amador is a skilled software developer and designer. This extensive experience in the tech industry underpins his role at Vendoo, enabling him to lead with both technical acumen and creative insight. Chris's background includes a diverse range of projects that showcase his expertise in both software development and design.

Leader of Vendoo's Product Team

As the head of the Product team at Vendoo, Chris Amador directs the development and design cycles of the company's products. In this capacity, Chris ensures the alignment of product features with customer needs and market demands. His leadership and strategic insights are crucial for the continuous innovation and improvement of Vendoo's product offerings.

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