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Company Overview

Velt, formerly known as Snippyly Inc., is a San Francisco-based company specializing in B2B productivity solutions. With a team of 10, Velt participates in the Y-Combinator W22 batch and operates in regions including the United States, Canada, and remote locations. The company's mission is to make the web more collaborative and to significantly reduce the time spent on logistical issues.

Products and Solutions

Velt offers several products designed to enhance collaboration and productivity for businesses. The company provides the Velt SDK that enables adding collaborative experiences to products. Another key product is Superflow, a JavaScript plugin aimed at facilitating team collaboration on websites. Both products are designed to integrate deeply within major web frameworks, offering customizable and optimized solutions suited to both product and user needs.

Technology and Features

Velt prioritizes scalable and secure distributed systems, ensuring a smooth and fast user interface. The company is working towards SOC II Type I compliance to bolster security measures. Their solutions include clear documentation and on-demand support, real-time data notifications through webhooks, and email notifications for user mentions and replies. Velt also allows for integration with SendGrid to customize email services.

Industry and Target Market

Operating primarily in the B2B sector, Velt focuses on productivity enhancement solutions. They serve a diverse market that includes the United States, Canada, and remote workplaces. By offering tools that reduce logistical issues by over 90%, Velt addresses the needs of businesses looking for efficient, collaborative technological solutions to boost productivity.

Founding and Team

Velt was founded on March 1, 2021, as Snippyly Inc. before adopting its current name. The team consists of former Google employees who bring a wealth of experience to the company. Their expertise is foundational to Velt's mission of making the web more collaborative and providing advanced, productivity-focused B2B solutions.

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