Veera Health

Veera Health Locations

Veera Health operates in Maharashtra (MH), India. The company extends its services beyond borders to regions such as India, South Asia, and also offers partly remote and remote services.

Veera Health Team Size

The team at Veera Health consists of 4 members. Despite being a small team, they are committed to delivering effective healthcare solutions, particularly in the area of women's health and wellness.

Veera Health Industry and Sub-Industry

Veera Health is a part of the healthcare industry, with a particular focus on consumer health and wellness. The company targets the treatment of conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which is a prevalent cause of infertility among women.

Veera Health Y-Combinator Batch

Veera Health is a participant in the Winter 2021 (W21) batch of Y-Combinator, an accelerator known for helping startups grow by providing essential resources and mentorship.

Veera Health PCOS Treatment Program

Veera Health offers a subscription-based PCOS/PCOD treatment program that combines evidence-backed therapy with coaching and specialist support. The program aims to help women manage and control their PCOS symptoms. According to the company, 85% of their patients report feeling 'in control' of their PCOS after just one month. The program also boasts a treatment completion rate 4 times higher compared to other available options.

Veera Health Supplements

Veera Health provides a range of supplements under the VeeVital brand. These include VeeVital PCOS Support, VeeVital Hairfall Rescue, and VeeVital Gut Refresh. These supplements are designed to support women's health needs, particularly for those dealing with PCOS.

Veera Health Free Tools

Veera Health offers a variety of free tools aimed at aiding women in managing their health. These include the PCOS Diet Guide, PCOS Quiz, FREE Hormonal Quiz, FREE PCOS Diet Consult, FREE Doctor Consult, Supplement Quiz, Hairfall Quiz, Weight Loss Quiz, and Gut Health Quiz.

Veera GPT AI-Powered Women's Health Tool

Veera Health features Veera GPT, which is described as the first AI-powered women's health tool. This innovative tool is designed to provide personalized health insights and support for women experiencing health issues such as PCOS.

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Veera Health Employees

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