Fran Lopez

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About Fran Lopez

Fran Lopez, CEO, successfully integrated Unlayer's email editor into their product, enhancing user productivity by enabling efficient email design.

Known information

Fran Lopez, serving as CEO, was featured in a case study on Unlayer’s website for integrating Unlayer’s email editor into their company’s product. This integration has significantly improved productivity by allowing users to design emails more efficiently, reportedly saving over 8,000 hours in email design time. Lopez has expressed a positive experience with Unlayer, noting the timely assistance received from the Unlayer team. The impact of this integration has been profound, leading Lopez to rate their experience with Unlayer as 5 stars, highlighting the substantial benefits in terms of enhanced efficiency and productivity for their users.

About Unlayer

Unlayer, based in San Francisco, is a B2B company that provides a JavaScript web plugin for creating emails and landing pages, widely used by major clients like IBM and Paypal.

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