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Turion Space, formerly known as Turion Space Corp, is an industrials company located in Irvine, California, focusing on the aviation and space sub-industry. With a compact team of 15, Turion Space operates primarily in the United States and Canada. The company emerged from the Y-Combinator S21 batch and has since raised a $6.2 million seed round. Turion Space is pioneering in the field of space technology with its DROID satellites, which are equipped with advanced sensors for space domain awareness, including long-range burst imaging and continuous SSA sensing. These satellites are designed to enhance the understanding of space, offer mobility services for the life extension, removal, disposal, and retrieval of debris and orbital assets, and develop technology to de-orbit objects in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and push objects to Graveyard orbits from Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) to minimize debris risks. The DROID.alpha satellite, set to launch in early 2023, features a payload mass of 165 kg and a propulsion delta-v of 1673 m/s. Looking ahead, Turion Space aims to tap into resources from metallic asteroids rich with platinum group metals in the 2030s and advance technology for affordable orbital debris removal, while also planning to sell space domain awareness imagery data. The founding team’s background from SpaceX underscores their deep expertise and ambitious vision for a sustainable future in space.

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