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Trackingplan, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, is a company specializing in analytics for the B2B sector. It provides a real-time solution for automatically detecting and validating data across websites and apps, designed to operate with minimal impact on site performance through a lightweight tag and asynchronous loading. As a participant in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, Trackingplan supports a broad range of integrations with various analytics, marketing, and data tools, and caters to data analysts, developers, and marketing teams. The company offers a fully automated QA solution to prevent data quality issues before they affect the analytics, and maintains an always-updated source of truth for data analytics to enhance cross-team collaboration. Trackingplan’s features include customizable alerts for tracking updates or issues, an easy onboarding process, and detailed documentation and guides. Additionally, it publishes a blog and articles providing insights on digital marketing, data governance, data quality, digital analytics, and topics such as UTM naming conventions, data maturity levels, and the impact of healthcare HIPAA privacy rule in digital analytics. The company also offers guidance on optimizing data validation within analytics schemas, prioritizing marketing over data quality, debugging analytics problems, and using notes templates to optimize team collaboration.

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