Theneo offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at enhancing API documentation and developer engagement. These services include AI-powered API documentation generation, allowing clients to create Stripe-like API docs in just seconds. Furthermore, Theneo provides customization of API documentation and the creation of developer portals. Integration with tools like Visual Studio Code and GitHub makes it easy for developers to manage their API documentation seamlessly. Theneo's free starter package includes up to 5 public projects, up to 10 private projects, and up to 100 GPT-powered search results for readers.


Theneo's product offerings cater to different business needs with tailored packages. The Business plan is priced at $120 per month annually or $150 per month monthly, featuring unlimited API projects, unlimited use of ChatGPT, and customized branding. The Growth plan, available at $400 per month annually or $450 per month monthly, includes advanced features like custom CSS, custom ChatGPT prompt configuration, and up to 20 developer hubs/landing pages. An Enterprise plan with custom pricing offers unlimited developer portals, advanced custom branding, custom user roles & permissions, and self-hosting options. A 7-day free trial for the business subscription is also available.

Integration Capabilities

Theneo supports integration with a variety of tools to ensure a seamless API documentation management process. Developers can integrate Theneo with Visual Studio Code for a streamlined workflow or with GitHub to maintain comprehensive version control of their API documentation. These integration capabilities make Theneo a versatile choice for businesses aiming to enhance their API documentation processes with minimal disruptions to their existing toolchains.

Company Background

Founded in San Francisco, CA, and Seattle, WA, Theneo operates within the B2B sub-industry focused on engineering, product, and design. The company participates in the Y-Combinator W22 batch, which provides it a strong foundation within the startup ecosystem. With a team size of 15, Theneo caters to its clientele in the United States and Canada while offering remote and partly remote options as well.

API Developer Portals

Theneo designs developer portals that allow organizations to showcase their API portfolios and SDKs effectively. These portals also include guides and utilize AI Chat & API Explorer to enhance user engagement. The platform's advanced features in developer portal design cater to both business and enterprise needs, ensuring a high level of customization and user interaction.

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Theneo Employees

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