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Tendo provides a platform that enables anyone in Africa to sell online with zero upfront inventory. The company offers a mobile app that connects dropshippers to local wholesalers, allowing sellers to source products, arrange delivery, and get paid. This service eliminates the need for upfront capital, logistics, and warehousing costs for sellers. Additionally, Tendo offers social commerce tools like WhatsApp to help sellers resell items, and supports organic business growth through a reseller network.


Tendo operates in multiple locations, including Accra in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, and Lagos in Lagos State, Nigeria. The company also supports remote and partly remote operations, extending its reach across the African continent.

Industry and Sub-Industry

Tendo operates within the consumer industry, specifically focusing on the social sub-industry. The company's platform leverages social commerce tools to help sellers resell products and grow their businesses organically.

Y-Combinator Batch

Tendo is a participant of the W22 batch of Y-Combinator, a notable startup accelerator. This association connects Tendo with resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to further its mission of supporting sellers in Africa.

Product Offerings

Tendo allows businesses to list their products on the platform to increase sales. The company's app provides a smooth user experience for managing sales activities, sourcing products, and arranging deliveries. Additionally, Tendo supports marketing efforts for suppliers through occasional emails.

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