Sandra Lewis

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About Sandra Lewis

Sandra Lewis is the Head of Development focused on creating the world's most powerful no-code development platform, specializing in accelerating AI, especially in computer vision.

Known information

Sandra Lewis serves as the Head of Development with a clear aim to build the world’s most powerful no-code development platform. Her specialization lies in accelerating artificial intelligence development, with a particular focus on computer vision. Sandra has extensive experience in managing global data networks, which ensures seamless data handling across various platforms. She is actively involved in the development of robust GPU clusters equipped with up to 72x 24GB Ampere GPUs, enhancing the computational power necessary for intensive tasks. Furthermore, Sandra is working on integrating high-end Nvidia graphics cards and InfiniBand to support distributed workloads efficiently. Her efforts are directed towards making AI development faster and more productive by significantly reducing training times, thereby streamlining the development process in the AI field.

About Strong Compute

Strong Compute, based in Sydney, Australia, specializes in accelerating AI development by providing on-demand supercomputing resources and optimizing software and hardware for neural network training.

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