Cian Byrne

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About Cian Byrne

Cian Byrne is a Technical Advisor at Strong Compute, a company innovating in the cloud computing sector and focused on developing a powerful no-code platform and enhancing neural network and file transfer technologies.

Known information

Cian Byrne serves as a Technical Advisor at Strong Compute, a company based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Strong Compute is part of the Y Combinator W22 batch and is making strides in the cloud computing industry with a valuation aimed at the $500 billion market. The company is known for its efforts to build the world’s most powerful no-code development platform and for its unique pricing model based on performance rather than consumption. Cian works within a small team of eight members, contributing to projects that significantly accelerate neural network development and file transfer processes. The company initially started with a focus on AI technologies.

About Strong Compute

Strong Compute, based in Sydney, Australia, specializes in accelerating AI development by providing on-demand supercomputing resources and optimizing software and hardware for neural network training.

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