Andy Lapsa

CEO & Co-founder @ Stoke Space

Andy Lapsa is the CEO and Co-founder of a company, holding a PhD.

Andy Lapsa CEO & Co-Founder

Andy Lapsa is the CEO and Co-founder of a company. His role involves leading the organization, overseeing business operations, and driving the company's strategic vision. As a co-founder, he has played a pivotal role in establishing the company's foundation and setting its direction. With his leadership position, Lapsa is responsible for cultivating relationships with stakeholders, steering the company towards growth, and ensuring alignment with its mission and values.

Andy Lapsa's Educational Background

Andy Lapsa holds a PhD. His advanced educational credentials underscore his expertise and deep understanding of his field. Achieving a PhD represents a significant commitment to academic excellence and research, showcasing his capacity for critical thinking and complex problem-solving. This educational background supports his role in making informed decisions and leading his company effectively.

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