Tressia Hobeika

Chief Product Officer @ Stepful arrow icon

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About Tressia Hobeika

Tressia Hobeika is the Chief Product Officer at Stepful, where she is dedicated to creating economic opportunities for 1 million job seekers in healthcare.

Known information

Tressia Hobeika serves as the Chief Product Officer at Stepful, a company with an ambitious mission to provide economic opportunities for 1 million individuals in the healthcare sector. She is deeply passionate about making a positive impact in communities and is optimistic about the potential to overcome societal inequalities and biases. Hobeika is known for her hardworking nature and her commitment to supporting and helping past, present, and future Fellows, building collective strength to achieve significant goals.

About Stepful

Stepful, based in New York, NY, offers online training programs for aspiring medical assistants and pharmacy technicians, preparing them for National Healthcareer Association certification exams and providing comprehensive job placement support.

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