Patrick Hong

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Patrick Hong is an Operations Manager at Stepful, based in Detroit, Michigan, where he contributes to the mission of expanding economic opportunities in healthcare through specialized training programs.

Patrick Hong - Operations Manager at Stepful

Patrick Hong serves as the Operations Manager at Stepful, a company dedicated to creating economic opportunities in the healthcare sector. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Patrick contributes significantly to the company’s mission of training individuals for various healthcare roles, ensuring streamlined operations within the organization.

Education and Expertise in Healthcare Training

Patrick Hong specializes in managing operations for healthcare training programs. He is part of a dedicated team that offers online training for roles such as Medical Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, and Phlebotomists. His role involves coordinating initiatives aimed at preparing individuals for successful careers in healthcare.

Role in Healthcare Job Placement and Externships

As Operations Manager at Stepful, Patrick Hong plays a crucial part in overseeing the job placement process for graduates. The company partners with clinics and pharmacies nationwide, providing externships and facilitating job placements. This ensures that trainees receive practical experience and job opportunities in their field of study.

Commitment to Supporting Healthcare Students Across the USA

Patrick Hong works at a company that extends its support to students in 48 states across the USA. Stepful offers a comprehensive training platform with a money-back job placement guarantee for its graduates. Patrick and his team are dedicated to ensuring that students receive quality training and secure employment in the healthcare industry.

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