Isabel Botello

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About Isabel Botello

Isabel Botello serves as the Externship Manager at Stepful, where she collaborates with a diverse team to enhance the externship programs.

Known information

Isabel Botello holds the position of Externship Manager at Stepful, a role in which she is responsible for overseeing and enhancing the externship programs offered by the organization. In her role, Isabel works closely with a team that includes Carl Madi (CEO), Tressia Hobeika (CPO), Edoardo Serra (CTO), Emmanuel Chiappini (Head of Growth), Paula Hernandez Forero (Head of Operations), Wen Lee (Head of Learning), Wyatt Ades (Founding Product Engineer), Dwanda Conner (Instructor), Patrick Hong (Operations Manager), Jolene Shannon (Instructor), Tyler Berns (Growth Manager), and Yara Hattab (Student Operations Manager). Together, they strive to provide effective and impactful learning experiences for students participating in Stepful’s externship programs.

About Stepful

Stepful, based in New York, NY, offers online training programs for aspiring medical assistants and pharmacy technicians, preparing them for National Healthcareer Association certification exams and providing comprehensive job placement support.

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