Edoardo Serra

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About Edoardo Serra

Edoardo Serra serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Stepful, a company based in Detroit, Michigan, focused on training and placing individuals in healthcare jobs.

Known information

Edoardo Serra holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Stepful, a company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, dedicated to creating economic opportunities in the healthcare sector. Stepful’s mission is to train and place one million job seekers into healthcare roles, aiming to address employment gaps and enhance career accessibility. Serra works closely with a team that includes Carl Madi (CEO), Tressia Hobeika (CPO), Emmanuel Chiappini (Head of Growth), Paula Hernandez Forero (Head of Operations), Wen Lee (Head of Learning), among others. This team is characterized by their passion, optimism, supportiveness, and hardworking nature, striving to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry through their collaborative efforts.

About Stepful

Stepful, based in New York, NY, offers online training programs for aspiring medical assistants and pharmacy technicians, preparing them for National Healthcareer Association certification exams and providing comprehensive job placement support.

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