Dwanda Conner

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Dwanda Conner is an instructor at Stepful, where she is part of a diverse team dedicated to educational services.

Dwanda Conner Instructor at Stepful

Dwanda Conner is an instructor at Stepful, a platform focused on providing quality education and skills training. Listed under 'Our Crew' on the Stepful About Us page, Dwanda plays a key role in the instructional team, contributing to the platform's mission of delivering comprehensive learning experiences. Her position as an instructor underscores her involvement in shaping the educational content and promoting student success at Stepful.

Dwanda Conner and the Stepful Team

Dwanda Conner works with a diverse and dynamic team at Stepful, which includes notable figures such as Carl Madi (CEO), Tressia Hobeika (CPO), Edoardo Serra (CTO), Emmanuel Chiappini (Head of Growth), Paula Hernandez Forero (Head of Operations), Wen Lee (Head of Learning), Wyatt Ades (Founding Product Engineer), Isabel Botello (Externship Manager), Patrick Hong (Operations Manager), Jolene Shannon (Instructor), Tyler Berns (Growth Manager), and Yara Hattab (Student Operations Manager). This collaboration with a multidisciplinary team highlights her integrative approach to education and teamwork.

Stepful's 'Our Crew' Featuring Dwanda Conner

On the Stepful About Us page, Dwanda Conner is prominently listed under 'Our Crew,' indicating her role as a significant member of the instructional staff. Stepful prides itself on its team of expert professionals dedicated to providing quality education, and Dwanda's inclusion exemplifies her importance within the organization. Her contributions are essential to the educational framework that Stepful offers to its students.

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Jolene Shannon is an instructor at Stepful, dedicated to creating economic opportunities in healthcare and addressing societal inequalities.

Yara Hattab

Student Operations Manager @ Stepful

Yara Hattab is the Student Operations Manager at Stepful, based in Detroit, Michigan, where she contributes to initiatives focused on creating economic opportunities in healthcare.