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Spot Health, formerly known as Spot, operates from Cincinnati, OH, and is a key player in the healthcare industry, focusing specifically on diagnostics. The company is recognized for providing HIPAA compliant services that facilitate at-home lab testing, including blood, urine, and saliva tests. Spot Health caters to both individual needs and corporate clients, offering a fully white-labeled platform that supports the personalization of products such as supplements, fitness programs, and meal plans. The company’s services are designed to enhance the patient experience by enabling at-home monitoring for chronic conditions and screening for various health issues like cancers and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Spot Health’s business model includes a turnkey solution that promises rapid launch times for home testing operations, typically in days rather than months. This is achieved through a streamlined three-step process that covers ordering kits, sample collection, and receiving results, which includes handling state-specific requirements for doctor’s orders. The company also supports brands in demonstrating product efficacy through evidence-based claims and efficacy studies. For companies interested in integrating at-home testing into their services, Spot Health offers an API for ordering tests and utilizes platforms like to schedule discovery calls directly through their website. The company’s comprehensive approach addresses the entire process from kit order to result integration, ensuring a seamless experience for users and brands alike.

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