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Company Locations

Spade operates in two primary locations: New York, NY, USA and Vancouver, BC, Canada. These locations allow Spade to serve its clients effectively across North America, including the United States and Canada. The company supports both remote and partly remote work environments, further extending its operational reach.

Industry and Sub-Industry Focus

Spade operates in the B2B sector with a sub-industry focus on Engineering, Product, and Design. The company specializes in providing developer tools and solutions within the fintech and machine learning spaces. This specialization allows Spade to offer targeted solutions designed to meet the specific needs of its clients in these areas.

Financial Data Enrichment API

Spade offers a financial data enrichment API aimed at empowering customers to uncover insights within their transaction data. This API helps businesses improve underwriting and fraud detection processes, enhance banking infrastructure, and gain a better understanding of users' spending habits. The service is supported by a vast merchant data set that helps decipher cryptic transactions, making it a valuable tool for financial analysis and decision-making.

Solutions and Applications

Spade provides solutions for underwriting, fraud detection, and banking infrastructure improvement. These services are designed to help businesses gain deeper insights into transaction data and understand their customers' spending habits. By utilizing its extensive merchant data set, Spade allows companies to accurately identify and interpret complex transaction patterns, thereby improving operational efficiency.

Y Combinator W22 Batch

Spade was part of the Y Combinator W22 batch, which indicates its strong foundation and support from one of the most prestigious startup accelerators. Being a Y Combinator alum provides Spade with access to a wide network of mentors, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs, facilitating further growth and development.

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