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Company Overview

SOTERI SKIN, formerly known as Soteri Skin, is based in San Francisco, CA, USA. The company operates in the consumer industry, focusing on home and personal care products. With a small team of just two members, SOTERI SKIN participated in the Y Combinator's W22 batch and operates in regions across the United States and beyond, including remote and partly remote settings.

Product Features

SOTERI SKIN offers a patented pH/LOCK™ complex, which locks the skin at a therapeutic pH level for over 12 hours. The formulations are non-sticky, sit well under makeup, and are safe for use without a prescription. The products are clinically tested, steroid-free, dermatologist-approved, allergy-tested, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Each product is manufactured in the USA and is recyclable.

Clinical Efficacy

SOTERI SKIN's products have been clinically tested with impressive results. In trials, 60% of eczema patients saw their symptoms completely disappear within 4-6 weeks, while 100% of patients experienced a significant improvement in skin health. The products are designed to provide effective, therapeutic skin care solutions.

Product Range

SOTERI SKIN offers a variety of products designed for different needs, including face and body care, scalp treatments, and baby products. The company provides value sets for customers, making it easier to access comprehensive skin care solutions. Customers can also benefit from free shipping on orders over $50 or with a subscription.

Harvard Innovation Lab Connection

SOTERI SKIN was incubated at the Harvard Innovation Lab and founded by a Harvard BioMedical PhD. This connection highlights the scientific expertise and innovative approach underpinning the company's product development and research.

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