Michael Shattuck

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Founder of Soon

Michael Shattuck is the founder of Soon, a company focused on enhancing the crypto investing experience. Under his leadership, Soon has introduced multiple features and tools to aid investors. Shattuck's expertise in cryptocurrency and investment tools has positioned Soon as an innovative player in the market.

Michael Shattuck Blog Posts

Michael Shattuck has authored multiple blog posts on the Soon website, sharing insights and updates about the company’s new developments. His writings focus on the innovative approaches of Soon to improve the crypto investing landscape.

Investment Tools and Features

Michael Shattuck has discussed various new investment tools introduced by Soon, such as Smart Stop-Loss and Tax-Loss Harvesting. These tools aim to provide investors with strategies to protect their investments and maximize returns.

Development of Soon + Astra

Michael Shattuck contributed to the development of Soon + Astra, designed to ensure more reliable crypto transactions. This collaboration represents a significant step towards enhancing transaction security and reliability for users.

Introduction of Soon Sync

Michael Shattuck introduced Soon Sync, a feature designed for automated transactions. Soon Sync aims to streamline and simplify the transaction process, making it more efficient for users.

Announcing Custodial Partnership with Fortress Trust

Michael Shattuck announced the partnership between Soon and Fortress Trust as its new custodial partner. This partnership is aimed at improving the security and trustworthiness of crypto transactions for Soon's users.

Launch of Soon 2.0 and Public Beta Rollout

Michael Shattuck presented the features of Soon 2.0, along with its public release and beta rollout of the Soon app. These updates mark a significant evolution in the platform, aimed at providing a better user experience and more robust investment tools.

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