Franky Saxena

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About Franky Saxena

Franky Saxena is a Data Analyst at SmartHelio, a company enhancing solar asset performance through advanced analytics and AI, with a focus on global sustainable energy adoption.

Known information

Franky Saxena serves as a Data Analyst at SmartHelio, a firm that specializes in utilizing advanced data analytics and physics-informed AI models to optimize the performance of solar PV assets. The company aims to make solar energy more accessible and efficient, contributing significantly to the adoption of sustainable energy across European, Asian, and North American markets. SmartHelio’s technology, which has been developed from over 15 years of Swiss R&D in pattern recognition, has been tested and validated on real solar PV data sets. This technology not only enhances the profitability and sustainability of solar assets but also makes them climate-resilient. Saxena is part of a globally diverse, mission-driven team that collaborates on international research projects like GENTE. The company has been recognized as ‘Best for the World’ by B Lab and has successfully raised $5 million to further its mission.

About SmartHelio

SmartHelio is a B2B analytics company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, specializing in climate risk assessment and predictive maintenance for the solar industry using advanced machine learning algorithms.

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