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Sendme, Inc., located in Ibadan, YO, Nigeria, operates within the consumer food and beverage industry. The company, which is part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch, employs a team of 40 individuals and serves both Nigeria and the broader African region. Sendme, Inc. provides a unique service by offering on-demand delivery of various meat products including goat, cow, fish, and chicken, ensuring delivery within three hours through a chatbot on WhatsApp. This service caters to over 100 restaurants and hotels, significantly contributing to their sales and profit margins. Additionally, Sendme, Inc. has developed a mobile app available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, which facilitates the ordering process for individual consumers. The company also creates earning opportunities for individuals who purchase Sendme products on behalf of others. Currently, Sendme, Inc. does not have any job openings.

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