Mladen Domazet

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About Mladen Domazet

Mladen Domazet is a Principal Naval Architect at Seabound with over 40 years of experience in diverse maritime projects.

Known information

Mladen Domazet serves as the Principal Naval Architect at Seabound, a position he has held for 1.5 years. He brings a wealth of experience from previous roles in shipyards around the world, design offices, a Class society, and as a ship-owner’s surveyor and consultant. Domazet graduated with a degree in Naval Architecture engineering from the Technical University Rijeka, Croatia. Over his approximately 40-year career, he has been involved in a wide array of projects, including the design and development of tankers, bulk carriers, cruise vessels, dredgers, orange juice carriers, floating garages, fishing vessels, ferries, crew boats, pilot boats, Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) units, ultra-deep drilling vessels, and super yachts.

About Seabound

Seabound, formerly known as SeaCycle and Seabound Carbon, is a London-based company specializing in carbon capture technology for maritime vessels, capable of reducing up to 95% of CO2 emissions to meet global regulations.

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