Kyle McCornack

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Kyle McCornack is a Software Engineer at Seabound, where he joined as the first full-time engineer in June 2023, holding advanced degrees in both Computer Science and Psychology.

Kyle McCornack's Role at Seabound

Kyle McCornack joined Seabound in June 2023 as the company's first full-time Software Engineer. His role involves developing and maintaining software solutions that drive Seabound’s operations and services. With his extensive background in software engineering and previous experience in FPGA engineering, Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to this pioneering role at Seabound.

Kyle McCornack's Previous Experience

Before joining Seabound, Kyle McCornack worked as an FPGA Engineer at a proprietary trading firm. In this role, he specialized in developing low latency networking applications, which are critical for the high-speed demand of trading environments. His experience in designing and optimizing FPGA-based solutions has equipped him with a deep understanding of both hardware and software interactions.

Kyle McCornack's Educational Background

Kyle McCornack holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, equipping him with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in various aspects of software development and computational systems. Additionally, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Chicago, providing him with insights into human behavior and cognitive processes that can be beneficial in user-centered software design.

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