Jayden Rae

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About Jayden Rae

Jayden Rae is a Founders' Associate at Seabound, specializing in operations and policy since May 2023, with a background in management consulting and legal advisory roles.

Known information

Jayden Rae joined Seabound in May 2023 as the first full-time operations and policy hire, bringing a wealth of experience from various sectors. Prior to joining Seabound, Rae worked as a management consultant at The Decision Lab, where they collaborated with notable organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, focusing on education consultancy. Rae has also served as an Executive Director at one of Canada’s largest legal aid clinics, demonstrating a strong commitment to legal aid and policy. Their experience extends to various policy and legal advisory roles within government, showcasing a versatile career. Academically, Rae holds a joint J.D./BCL from the McGill University Faculty of Law, complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in environment and political science, equipping them with a robust foundation in law and policy.

About Seabound

Seabound, formerly known as SeaCycle and Seabound Carbon, is a London-based company specializing in carbon capture technology for maritime vessels, capable of reducing up to 95% of CO2 emissions to meet global regulations.

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