Brett Titcomb

R&D Engineer @ Seabound

Brett Titcomb is an R&D Engineer at Seabound, specializing in product development, fabrication, and manufacturing across various industries.

Brett Titcomb at Seabound

Brett Titcomb joined Seabound as an R&D Engineer. His role commenced just before the team embarked on the installation of their first pilot carbon capture equipment on a ship. As an R&D Engineer, Brett contributes to the research and development efforts, focusing on innovative solutions in maritime carbon capture technology.

Brett Titcomb's Mechanical Engineering Expertise

Brett Titcomb holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University. His academic background in mechanical engineering provides him with a solid foundation in the principles and applications of engineering, aiding his work in product development, fabrication, and manufacturing across various industries.

Brett Titcomb's Professional Background

Brett Titcomb has a diverse background in product development, fabrication, and manufacturing in multiple industries. This extensive experience enables him to bring a versatile skill set to his role at Seabound. His professional journey encompasses various facets of engineering, making him a valuable asset to the company’s R&D initiatives.

Brett Titcomb’s Role in Carbon Capture Technology

In his capacity as an R&D Engineer at Seabound, Brett Titcomb is involved in pioneering carbon capture technology. His work is instrumental in the development and implementation of systems designed to reduce carbon emissions in maritime settings. Brett's expertise supports Seabound's mission to advance sustainable solutions in the industry.

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