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About Jared Hsu

Jared Hsu is an author who wrote a guide on at-home COVID tests, emphasizing their importance during the holiday season and discussing various testing options, including Scout's advanced, lab-grade tests.

Known information

Jared Hsu is known for his comprehensive guide on at-home COVID-19 testing during the holiday season. In his guide, Hsu discusses the critical role of testing in preventing the spread of COVID-19, particularly when families and friends gather. He explains the differences between rapid at-home tests and more traditional lab tests, underscoring the convenience and safety of using at-home testing methods. Hsu also introduces Scout’s platform, which offers smart health tests that are of lab-grade quality yet can be performed at home. He highlights the affordability and cutting-edge technology of Scout’s testing solutions, noting that these tests provide rapid and accurate results. Additionally, Hsu mentions that Scout’s point-of-care product has received FDA Emergency Use Authorization, further validating its reliability and effectiveness.

About Scout (formerly Uh-Oh Labs)

Scout, formerly known as Uh-Oh Labs, is a healthcare diagnostics company based in Santa Clara, CA, developing cost-effective home health testing solutions.

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