Jennifer Curtin

Chief Medical Officer and Cofounder @ RTHM

Jennifer Curtin is the Chief Medical Officer and cofounder of RTHM, specializing in ME/CFS treatment and its common comorbidities, and has developed a comprehensive COVID Preparedness Kit.

Jennifer Curtin Chief Medical Officer and Cofounder

Jennifer Curtin serves as the Chief Medical Officer and Cofounder of RTHM. In her role, she specializes in the treatment of ME/CFS and the common comorbidities patients experience. Her personal experience with viral-associated illness drives her work and expertise in this field. Together with Dr. Ryan Kellogg, who also has firsthand experience with viral-associated illness, she leads RTHM in providing medical solutions and support for patients dealing with similar conditions.

Jennifer Curtin and Ryan Kellogg RTHM Cofounders

Jennifer Curtin co-founded RTHM alongside Dr. Ryan Kellogg. Both have personal experiences with viral-associated illness, which significantly influences their approach and dedication to patient care. RTHM focuses on treating ME/CFS and related comorbidities, leveraging the cofounders' unique insights and medical expertise to benefit their patient community.

Jennifer Curtin COVID Preparedness Kit

Jennifer Curtin developed a specialized COVID Preparedness Kit, drawing from her personal experience with viral-associated illness and extensive research. The kit includes a carefully selected set of medications and supplements such as Paxlovid, Metformin, Tollovid, H1-Blockers, H2-Blockers, Baby Aspirin, Colloidal Silver Spray and Oral Rinse, Nattokinase, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), Curcumin, Multivitamin with D3, Melatonin, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Each item is chosen based on scientific guidance and is aimed at providing comprehensive preparedness against COVID-19.

Jennifer Curtin COVID Preparedness Kit Discount

Jennifer Curtin offers the COVID Preparedness Kit at a discount through Fullscript. The kit, which she developed based on her expertise and personal illness experience, is designed to help individuals prepare for potential COVID-19 infection. Additionally, a downloadable PDF Checklist is provided to help users ensure they have all necessary items for effective preparedness.

Jennifer Curtin Science Behind COVID Kit

Jennifer Curtin advises on the scientific basis of each component included in the COVID Preparedness Kit. By leveraging her experience and in-depth research, she ensures that each item, from Paxlovid to Alpha Lipoic Acid, is backed by scientific evidence. This approach provides users with well-rounded and scientifically vetted options for COVID-19 prevention and readiness.

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